Intent on stimulating and supporting initiatives for a culturally better society, Green Spin is an innovation-driven company dedicated to the promotion of creative ideas and solutions for the preparation of art, video, and cinema exhibitions.

Our team’s structure is both flexible and dynamic, offering a highly competitive price-quality ratio within the context of the Venetian market. This is particularly beneficial when clients choose our “full service”; entailing the location of venues, project development, choice of materials and methods of production, transportation, installation, and de-installation.

One of our most distinct features is the high quality of the various interventions that we have carried out, in line with the artistic prestige of the city of Venice. In each case, we have harmoniously integrated lighting-objects-exhibitions into the environment, strictly avoiding the creation of visual pollution. This not only implies responsibility with regards to production, but also to culture. We willingly assume these responsibilities on behalf of our clients and the public.

GREEN SPIN IS A TURBULENCE created by the meeting and exchange between cultural promoters and the public, enhanced by the intellectual contribution of curators, artists, writers and architects.

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