Uncategorized Croatian Pavilion 2011
One need to Live Self-Confidently...Watching

The exhibition, One Needs to Live Self-Confidently… Watching, presents Antonio G. Lauer a.k.a. TomislavGotovac and theatre collective BADco. from Zagreb. The art of TomislavGotovac is based on the idea of ‘global directing’, not only as applied to film directing, but also as it extends into everyday life.

Uncategorized Mexican Pavilion 2011
Red Square Impossible Pink
1 Giugno - 24 Novembre 2013

Does anyone remember how internationally insignificant Mexican art was before it changed? Miraculously?’ asked Gabriel Orozco in a letter written recently to his gallerist, Jose Kuri. The strength of Mexico’s latest contributions to the Venice Biennale would mean that many might not…